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Tyre Filling


tyrefillhow“Performance with Protection provides Safety and Satisfaction”

Performance because, it’s not a ‘Foam-Fill’ but a ‘Urethane’ material, which is pumped into a tyre just like air. Its unique characteristics ensure a highly cushioned ride and increased tyre life.

Protection because, it’s ‘puncture proof’. It will never go flat, leak, blow out or be under inflated because pressure is pre-set in cure. Holes, cuts, even nails will not puncture it. If penetrated it will not absorb moisture, go spongy or deflate.

Safety because, it’s a ‘fail safe’ solution. Concern over blow outs etc is now removed, with risk of injury greatly reduced. It’s neither harmful to wheel nor tyre, with dimensional stability and tyre ratings unaffected even in high temperatures.

Satisfaction because it’s a ‘valuable’ alternative in the performance v safety v cost decision. Combining maximum cushioning with no flats, an extended tyre life and performance makes ARMOR COR an extremely attractive tyre package.

Even after the tyre has been extensively damaged the tyre continues to run.

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